What is Koi Fish: Selecting Koi Fish

Those two reasons alone make them enough to fall in love with Koi fish. If you are considering purchasing Koi for your garden pond then this article is for you.

The first thing that's recommended for you to do is to acquire as much information as you possibly can about Koi fish. This information could be acquired from your local pet shop owners, a reputable breeder and even online.

Koi Fish

How to Take Care of Koi Fish- The Right Way

These multi colored beauties will give your family endless hours of enjoyment. Koi, Cyprinus carpio, is a colorful variety of the common carp. Koi fish are gorgeous and amazing to watch. Koi will reach over eighteen inches in a few years, and grow up to three feet in length.


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Koi are a durable fish from Japan. Koi live longer and are bigger than goldfish, some weighing over forty pounds. These fish have an average lifespan of twenty years. There are reports of Koi living hundreds of years. The fish come in a display of bright colors such as orange, yellow, white, red, and black. You can find fantail koi, which have long draping fins and tails.